About us

Hawkes Bay eggs is a family owned and operated egg production poultry farm. We are committed to providing you with products that are of a high quality, and ensuring that our practices exceed the expected requirements of the New Zealand egg production standards.

What makes us better than the rest?...

                                                 ... I thought you'd never ask!

  •   Here at Hawkes Bay Eggs LTD we are committed to supply exceptionally high quality eggs and products that Is legal, safe and of a quality that exceeds customer expectations.
  •    We were the first in New Zealand to hold an RMP (Risk Management programme) which we have maintained for 12 years.
  •    For the last 5 years we have maintained with a high standard, a current WQA (Woolworths Quality Assured) certificate and programme with Progressive Enterprises.
  •    We have a fully automated free range system in place that we maintain with the highest quality standards and care.


About Hawkes Bay Eggs

Why we're here - The Hawkes Bay Eggs story

Hawkes Bay eggs LTD (Previously Clays Poultry Farm LTD) was first established in the 1960’s by Lane and Betty Clay. Lane and Betty Clay built the farm up from nothing and successfully ran and operated the business for up to 40 years. Laurie and Shirley Horsfall had managed sheep, beef and deer farms for Lane for 20 years. Throughout this time Laurie and Lane developed a close relationship. Laurie had great respect for Lane and looked up to him as his mentor, as Laurie admired Lanes foresight into the future and how he liked a challenge.

Sadly in year 2000 Lane Clay passed away. Laurie then decided to continue on from what Lane left behind.
Laurie (knowing nothing about poultry) sought the knowledge of key people in the industry that knew more than he did, thus, accepting a new challenge and since then Laurie has expanded the business in many ways including the introduction of the
New Generation Colony System and the Free Range system.

Egg Fact

A hen will sometimes produce double-yolk eggs at the very beginning or near the end of her reproductive life due to hormonal changes.  When this happens, the shell forms around two yolks instead of one, creating a double-yolk egg

Work For Us

Current Positions Available

Part Time Farm Hand

We are looking for someone who is positive, hardworking, reliable and enjoys working as part of a team. Someone who is willing to grow their skill base as opportunities arise. We provide the option of on job training with Agriculture ITO.

Core hours are Saturday - Sunday 7:30am - 10:30am

Core competencies...

This job requires you to be physically fit, and willing to undertake a variety of different tasks which include the following:

  • Grading
  • Customer Service
  • Livestock management (experience is not essential. Having a genuine concern for animal welfare is required)


Additional Information...

Remuneration will be discussed with you upon successful application.

If you have the essential requirements and would like to seize this great opportunity, please don’t hesitate to send us your resume and short cover letter by clicking the Register Here button below.

Please note: only applicants with current working visas or permanent residents of NZ will be considered for this position. We do not take overseas applicants.


If you are interested in doing some work experience or volunteer work please give us a call, send us an email or click the 'register here' button.