The Free Range Farm

Our Free Range spend their day scratching outside in the bushes and under trees, dust bathing in the beautiful Hawkes Bay sun or perching inside their shed where they eat, sleep and roost.

Their eggs can be found in mixed grade packs of 12, 6 and trays of 30's. These Free Range get sold to supermarkets across the lower north island. You are welcome to stop by and purchase free range eggs from the farm in Mangaroa Road Hastings.


Frequently asked questions

Do our hens have plenty of room to roam freely inside and outside?

Do we have any roosters and do you need a rooster for a hen to lay eggs?

Is the free range farm on the same property as the colony and conventional systems?

Yes they can, the shed that contains their nesting boxes is about 70mtrs long and 15mtrs wide. They also have 4 paddocks to roam around in and a large section where they love to dust bath in.

No we don't have any roosters and no a hen does not need a rooster around in order to lay an egg.

They are on separate farm away from the colony and conventional operation.

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